Troubleshooting and Fixes

  Adjusting Date & Time

From the home screen click settings >  scroll down to date & time and click on it > now select your time zone. > make sure the automatic date and time has a check-mark. when you return to the home page the time should be updated to the correct local time. If it does update heck make sure your connected to the Internet.

Adjusting Display size for your TV

Click settings > click display > click display position > press LEFT/UP/RIGHT/DOWN buttons to adjust the display to your TV > click back and then yes.

Box is turned on but I can’t see anything on my TV?

Make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way for both the device and your TV. Make sure your TV is on the correct source for the HDMI input that the Device is plugged into.

How to do I hook up my USB wireless keyboard and or mouse to my Clearstream TV Box?

Simply plug in the USB dongle that comes with your wireless USB keyboard or mouse (look in the back of the keyboard) into one of the USB ports on the unit. Slide the power switch located on the top right to the on position. You do not need to reboot your Box; your USB device should begin working once you have plugged in your USB device.

I’m having a hard time using the remote controller that came with my unit, is there anything else I can use to make navigating the Clearstream easier?

The controller that comes with your unit is designed to perform the basic features, but it is not ideal for navigating the operating system or fully utilizing Kodi. We recommend using a USB keyboard with a Touch pad built in. The main model that we recommend using is the R8I Multi-function wireless keyboard, These USB keyboards can be bought with all our devices or on their own, these are not the only USB device that can used to navigate and use your unit with. There are many options in USB controllers and almost all USB devices will work with Clearstream TV.

My videos buffer a lot.

Check your internet speed with We recommend a stable internet speed of 10 MBPS or more for the best internet experience. The faster internet connection you have the faster your TV Show, Live Sports and HD Movies will load. If you have under 10Mbps you should consider upgrading your internet speed. Remember, each Add-ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with There will be times when these Add-Ons do not operate as they should and you may experience down time or slow rates which could cause buffering.

My Wifi isn’t working. Or kodi says no stream available.

Click settings >  Click Wifi > Click on your Wifi network. Enter Password (Make sure the password is correct, Click symbols to add any symbols that may be in your password). Make sure it says “Connected”

The display on my screen is too big or too small.

Click settings > Click Display > Click Display size. Adjust until the screen fits your TV and then click back.


First and foremost, we need to isolate the causes for the slow buffering. This can be achieved by a quick speed test. Download SpeedTestfrom the Google Play Store and run the application. Once the results are in, navigate to on your PC and run the same test. Compare both results and follow the scenario below:

  1. The speeds do not match

  2. The speeds do match

Speeds do not match

If the speeds do not match, the common issue is how it’s connected. If you are using WiFi, connect to the Ethernet port if possible and run the speed test again. This will allow us to isolate the WiFi as a problem. If the speeds improve, the product may have a faulty wireless card. Contact a support representative for more information.

Speeds do match

If the speeds match, you need to have the appropriate internet speeds to be able to play certain content. Refer to the table below for more information on what is recommended for proper streaming.


Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)

SD Minimum


SD recommended


HD Minimum


HD recommended



Another common issue is the servers are sometimes not operating at maximum potential. For instances, some 3rd party add-ons will be under heavy operating load and users will experience slow buffering. Isolate the add-on and perform a buffering test on your MX2. If you also have slow buffering, it’s more than likely a sign that the server is experience high traffic. Remember that we have no control over 3rd party add-ons and so we will not have an ETA of a fix.


Miracast is a protocol for mirroring one device to another. In this case, all our units supports miracast for devices that support the miracast protocol. To enable miracast, open the Miracast application. Once it is opened, on the device you wish to connect choose the device name that matches the device name on the unit. If prompted, press allow for the device to connect. Once the devie

Note: Samsung’s Allshare is not a compatible miracast stream with the unit.

No Sound

If there is no sound on 1.1.6, it is good to verify that the correct audio settings are in place. Navigate to the MBox Settings > Advanced > Sound and make sure that “PCM” is the default.

Next it’s good to isolate where the sound is not coming from. First, open up any android app to see if the sound works here. If the sound works in the Android system, we can isolate it to XBMC. If sound does not work, then it’s a system wide issue. Preliminary Steps

  1. Verify that all cables are plugged in correctly

  2. Make sure Volume is up

  3. Check volume on another device

Steps to fix Android Sound

  1. Verify that the Volume is up on both devices

  2. Make sure the HDMI cable is seated correctly

  3. Power off both devices

  4. Verify PCM is checked under Audio Settings VERY IMPORTANT!

  5. Test with an app

If this does not resolve the issue, a reflash is necessary in order to regain sound. If a reflash does not fix the issue, then a warranty claim must be made.

Steps to fix XBMC Sound

  1. Follow the steps for the Android Sound

  2. From the System > Settings > System > Audio Output:

    1. Make sure the Speaker configuration matches.

    2. Make sure “Output stereo to all speakers” is not checked.


The port is analog. It still sends the digital signal, but it’s converted to an analog signal only as a means of transport. A coaxial rca cable is required for S/PDIF to function properly.