New Box Setup & addon info

    Download .DOC File here

    1:) Unpack and setup

    2 a:) Take the 5v Power source and plug it into 5VDC Port,
    b:) Take your HDMI Cable and plug it in the HDMI Port (showen on Fig. 2)

    Fig. 2

    3:) Plug the 5V power source into a wall socket;
    plug the HDMI cable into any available slot on your TV as shown in fig 3.
    Your TV may differ slightly as to where the ports are located.
    4:) Take the USB Dongle from the battery compartment of the keyboard
    (shown fig 4.) and plug it into USB 1 on your android box (shown fig 1)
    5. Turn your keyboard on by using the switch located on the very top of the unit right side.
    6:) Your have now successfully completed the installation process.

    Using your Keyboard/Mouse


      To change the backlight of the unit... Press FN/F2 at the same time the unit
      has 3 color settings and off. Each time you hit f2 it will scroll through these options